Choosing a great domain name is very important when you consider setting up a new website.

Even though many people will find you through clicking on a link somewhere on the web, having a memorable domain name is essential for the following reasons:

  • When people can remember your domain name they can easily find you again and return to your website
  • One of the most powerful methods of marketing is word of mouth. Having a domain name people can easily remember will help them share their experience with others
  • While networking, you can tell people your web-adress and they will surely remember

Having said that, it is not easy to find memorable domain name

Here are a few tips that can help you:

1. Use your business name:

If you already own an offline business, use the business name in the domain if available. This will help your customers and business partners find you easily, as well as help protect your brand name.

2. Choose the right TLD (Top level Domain)

The ending or extension of your domain (.com .net .biz etc.) is just as important as the domain name you choose and needs to be considered carefully.

People would generally “fill in the gap” if they don’t remember your extension with a .com for international websites or the extension of the country your are based in.

Having a Top Level Domain will insure that your customers don’t end up with the competition.

If you target a local market, consider buying the local TLD, especially if the domain is spelled in a language other than English

3. Check the other TLD’s for the same domain

Once you decided on a domain name, check all the top TLD’s (extensions) for that domain.

It’s probably not a very good idea to choose the same domain name as your competitors as it can cause a mix-up and even loss of customers to the competition.

Some experts recommend buying all prime TLD’s for your domain to avoid a situation where a competitor buys the other extensions. In reality, most of the times one or more of the TLD’s will already be taken. Sometimes for an entirely other business or target group than yours.

 4. Use Keywords in the domain if possible

Using keywords in the domain name can be very beneficial for search engine optimization, or in other words: it’ll make it easier for people who are searching for your services to find you.

For instance if you own a toy shop, try integrating the word toy or toys in your domain name.