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Location Based Marketing for small business

Many Businesses are still location based and are serving people from their area only. If you fall into that category, it's important for you that your clients would be able to find you, but it'll [...]

What is Search Engine Optimzation (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimization?   Everyone who ever had a website knows that simply having one is not enough... If no one can find your website on the internet then you would have very [...]

Social Media Marketing good or bad?

Social Media changed the way we do business and communicate with our clients. The size of the social websites and the amount of time people spend on those websites every day are two elements we cannot ignore. But Social Media also has other benefits for us us business owners.

Content Management or Static Web Design?

If you are looking at having your website designed or improved, you would quickly discover there are  Two commonly used website designs: Content Management Systems (CMS) and Static Web Designs. What is the difference? Static Web Design [...]

Email Marketing for Mobile users

Smart-phones are changing the way we consume content. More and more people use their phone and tablets to check emails on the go according to return path there is an increase of 81% of mobile Internet consumption since 2010. Many companies find that they need to adjust their email campaign to target those clients.

How Top Retailers use email marketing in 2011

In this fascinating presentation Loren McDonald shows how top retailers use email to interact with their clients and increase sales Email Marketing Practices Top Retailers 2011