Smart-phones are changing the way we consume content. More and more people use their phone and tablets to check emails on the go according to return path there is an increase of 81% of mobile Internet consumption since 2010. Many companies find that they need to adjust their email campaign to target those clients.

Personal email is the biggest content consumption 

According to a comscore,  personal email was the biggest content consumption category for mobile users in 2010.

It’s important to take into consideration that mobiles also changed the way we consume our information. A study sponsored by Google in 2011 shows that 82% of Smart-phone users check their email on waking or immediately after getting dressed. It is also a known fact that mobile users check their email on-the-go during the day (they read the email as soon as it comes in)
This is an opportunity to communicate with our target group at the right moment of the day. It is also a factor to consider while planning a direct response campaign


Strategy for mobile email  success

By knowing your market and your mailing list and how your clients prefer to receive their email you can target your email to the right audience at the right time of day (and the best day of the week).

Use the segmentation option and statistics of your email marketing service. We recommend using the Aweber service as we have a great experience with it but any professional email marketing and auto responder service would have reports you could use to improve your marketing results.


Also, we recommend giving your clients a few choices for consuming your content. Add an option to read your newsletters on the website and a plain text option for mobile users.

Don’t forget to include social media links in your mobile marketing as most smart-phone users consume both email and social media through their mobile phone.


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