Many Businesses are still location based and are serving people from their area only.

If you fall into that category, it’s important for you that your clients would be able to find you, but it’ll be a waste of time and money to try and rank high on the internet on the national or internetional level.

So how do you set up a location based marketing?

1. Set some goals : What do you want to achieve from this campaign? More customers? loyalty? More sales? Engagement?

2. Choose the service(s): Look for services like foursquare, Facebook places, G+ ,Yelp etc.- Find out where which service makes sense for your local market

3. Claim your location: It’s as simple as it sounds – go to those websites and claim your businesses location. In most cases you can make an extensive profile for free! (while you are at it make sure that you are also listed in the local online business listings and phone book it’ll help your local SEO-Search Engine Optimization)

4. Bribe them! think of a great offer, something that would make it worth their while coming to your shop and letting everyone know what they just did…. A great example is the Ben & Gerry’s campaign offering 3 balls of icecream for $3 (instead of $5,5) for customers that checked in using foursquare.

5. Let them know about it: let your customers know about your campaign using social media, newsletter, ads and signs in the shop

6. Measure results and improve

Let us know how it went!


p.s. Make sure as always that you can deliver on your promises!

p.p.s If you need help with setting up your campaign give us a shout