Social Media changed the way we do business and communicate with our clients. The size of the social websites and the amount of time people spend on those websites every day are two elements we cannot ignore. But Social Media also has other benefits for us us business owners.

People give away a lot of information for free! You can gather information on things like:

Gender, Home town, current location, Personal status, sexual preferences, Hobbies and interests and much more.

Not only you can gather all that information about your clients, most social websites gives you an opportunity to target a specific market segment based on the information people gave while filling out their personal profile. And the big surprise is, that even though you can target a very specific group – the cost could be considerably less than what we where used to before the Social Media age.

Everyone understands that you cannot ignore websites like Facebook and Twitter and Youtube if you really want to reach your clients.

But really understanding Social Media Marketing is more than just targeting your clients with adds and getting them to “Like” you on Facebook.

Social Media allows us to really communicate with our clients and their feedback. It allows us to learn more about what they really want so we can service them better.

It allows us to give them a better customer service and to build our brand in another way: Through recommendations of happy clients.

While pre- Social Media Marketing campaigns would focus on a “one way ” message, A good Social Media campaign  is all about communication WITH your clients. You invite them to react and interact.

Of course it can also work against you: if you don’t have a good service or product, if you customer support sucks or  your clients are not very happy with you – it could do a lot of damage to your brand. This would have happened anyway eventually if that is the case, but now that it’s all over the internet its very hard to repair and you might need to do some damage control and reputation management.

It’s important to remember that your clients will use Social Media whether you participate in the conversation or not. So It is always advisable to monitor what is said about your brand and react on time.

Social Media is neither good nor bad. It’s just is. You cannot ignore it (you can try, but it’d just be playing Ostrich)

And there are a lot of benefits to be had from participating in the conversation.


If you are not sure how to form a Social Media Strategy for your business – we can help please feel free to contact us with any question and we’ll do our best to help.