What is Search Engine Optimization?


Everyone who ever had a website knows that simply having one is not enough… If no one can find your website on the internet then you would have very few visitors if any.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the sum of work one has to do in order to get your website found and ranked (preferably on the first page) in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo! and BING.

Having optimized your website, the results should appear on the “generic” or FREE results of those search engines.


Why is it important?

Because most people search for answers, products an services online. Because ranking high on the search engines means that you can reach a target group that is looking for your services FOR FREE at the minute they are searching for your services.

Getting found means more traffic. More traffic means more sales. It’s as simple as that.

How does it work?

A search Engine visits your website periodically and checks it out (this happens automatically through special software)

In order for you find what you want on the internet ,A search engine has to determine which website is the most relevant to the keywords entered by you. When you enter a question to Google for instance, Google looks at the words you entered in the search box and goes to its database (index) and looks for the best results. The job of the search engine is to come up with the most relevant websites and the highest quality to the given keywords

So keywords are very important but it’s not all (otherwise we could have put up a website full with only keywords)

How exactly Google ranks websites is a secret to prevent misuse of that information. But we do know quit a few things on how it works and there is a lot we can do to improve the results of a website ranking.

For instance, How big is the website (how much deep content and pages it has), how popular is it?  how many changes per day, how many incoming links.

What we can do in order to help the search Engines help us is to optimize the technical side of the website to make it easy for the search engines to map our website. We can also build incoming links to our website, Make sure the content is good and relevant (and plentiful), Make sure our website is user friendly and much more.

So how do I make sure the Search Engine can find my website?


Even though SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a profession, there are many things you can do yourself in order to influence your ranking. The best way is to give the visitor to your website lots of information and a pleasant experience. The more value you offer, the better your chances are to rank high on the search engines and stay there.

There are many companies out there that try to “trick” Google into ranking it high and  sometimes those tricks work for a short while. But as soon as Google discovers that, they change their policy and those websites can find themselves black listed and they just disappear. That is why the best way to go about it is by doing the work and offering real value.

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